Some girls who don’t wear makeup are very salty of those who do. The toxicity of the world is more than enough to ruin your day and there goes people who will really stop to negatively notice your work of art. Having the talent to mix-and-match makeup and put them on your face is such talent on it’s own, which is why it’s hard to make room for haters. If you are tired of people giving unsolicited comments, here are 10 ways to respond to people who say “You wear too much makeup”:

1. “Sorry but I don’t take opinions from girls who don’t know how to fix their brows”

If their intention is to make you feel bad, let them know you’re not affected! Since you didn’t ask for their opinion, might as well not listen to whatever they say. It’s not that we are judgmental but… do you really think that someone with unfixed brows is reliable?