City Romance

Hay, pag-ibig. We cry for you, we fight for you, and Romeo and Juliet even died for you. It’s the reason why many of our smart friends are left “nagpapakatanga”. Love is so powerful, it has the ability to almost control a person and have them consumed by their feelings. Kaya ‘yong iba, kahit nasasaktan na, tuloy pa rin ang pag-ibig. Even if the one they love is in love with someone else. Pero ano nga ba ang tawag doon? Martyr. For those that eat heartaches for breakfast, here are 10 reminders you need to hear.

1. Walang Award Ang Pagiging Martyr

Sorry, girl. Kahit ikaw pa ang pinakamartyr, hindi ka magkaka-award. The fact remains that you choose to endure pain for the one you love. Before you go on pretending, remember to leave a piece of dignity for yourself. Love yourself first.