As the school year commences, safety becomes top priority for kids both inside and outside school grounds. Know what to do in case of harm and danger with practical tips from “Red Alert,” the Best TV Public Service Program in the 2018 KBP Golden Dove Awards.

1. Report incidents to proper authorities. Whether they’re victims or witnesses to bullying, children should know how to report such incidents to their teachers and guidance counselors to avoid further injuries.

2. Good values are learned at home. According to psychologists, discipline starts at home, and it’s important to explain to children that hurting others (both mentally and physically) is wrong.

3. Don’t talk to strangers. The age-old rule still applies. Remind your children to stay away from people they don’t know to avoid modus operandi of kidnappers and thieves.

4. Pick your kids up from school, arrange carpools, or have them walk with groups on the way home to avoid walking alone and falling easy prey to criminals.

5. Pass familiar routes and avoid dark alleys to prevent getting lost and getting easily taken advantage of.

6. Bring a pocket flashlight and whistle if you can’t avoid dark alleys.

7. Avoid using a cellphone while walking to avoid pickpockets and thieves.

8. When encountering petty thieves, avoid fighting back especially when alone. Prioritize your physical safety over your belongings.

9. In case you become victim to crime, observe identifying marks on your assailant – take note of their height, build, unusual features, and mode of transport to help investigation.

10. Report criminal incidents to police and notify your barangay – so they can take swift action and investigate the incident.