A Pisces man is creative, caring, intuitive, and very emotional which makes him very irresistible. He has a prominent sensitive side which makes women fall him faster than the speed of light. He is known to be exceptionally attractive and his most captivating trait is his craving for romance. A Pisces man has a strong personality, but he is incredibly humble. He is sensitive about people’s feelings. Which means that even if you don’t want to tell him that you’re having a bad day, he will most likely figure it out on his own. He can be the mysterious type as he is able to pick-up unspoken and subtle gestures. He is extremely skilled in subconsciously reading signals and observing people’s body language. Here are reasons why you should date a Pisces:

1. He is empathetic


A Pisces man is highly compassionate, self-sacrificing, sympathetic, and unassuming. Women fall head over heels in love with a guy who understands their emotions and what they’re going through, because it’s a Pisces man’s nature to be aware of other people’s feelings, he is a great shoulder to lean on. Without having to explain anything, he will surely get a sense that you’re happy or sad depending on your gestures and body language. The amazing thing about having a man like this in your life is that you can freely open up about your feelings without feeling judged. Since he is naturally sensitive and compassionate, you’re assured that you’re dating a good guy.