Can ex-lovers still be friends? A lot of people may have asked the question once in a while. Some might say yes and throw you the famous, “Time can heal all wounds”, others claim that it’s the craziest thing to do when it comes to love. Admittedly, there’s no accurate or even “right” response to it.

But one thing’s certain, there are lots of reasons why one can’t and shouldn’t be friends with an ex. Would you still be in touch with the person who gave you so much pain or would you just leave that person in the past?


However you may view it, here are some of the reasons why you can’t be friends with your ex anymore:

1. 100% Awkward

It’s inevitable to feel a sense of awkwardness with your ex. This uneasy feeling will always be present between the two of you because you both valued each other dearly. And getting over the awkward stage doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes a former doesn’t get over it at all.