Life is all about choices. This usually begins to make sense in adulthood. As a little girl, we all picture our future brighter, similar to princesses’ fairy tales. In our minds, we picture everything as perfect; wonderful and big house, a white picket fence, a nice car on the driveway, marry with the man you love, has lovely kids and everything we want is just an arm’s length. The difference between this childhood fantasy and reality is the absence of man. Perhaps, we should take this to mean that it is possible to attain the lives we want without relying on other people.

Unfortunately, this fantasy doesn’t last for so long. Before we know it, we’re all grown up with bills to pay and all sorts of responsibilities on our shoulders. Being 40 and poor is a big indicator that you made vital financial mistakes along the way and you’ve probably not figured things out yet.

1. Procrastination O Nagpapaliban Ng Oras

There is a saying that states that the elderly harvest what they planted in their youth. If you worked hard and made wise investment choices, then you’ll have nothing short of bliss and financial security in your retirement years. Some of the commonly postponed duties are; creating other income earning projects apart from our day jobs, investing, saving and even handing in a report in the office which may label you as incompetent. This is especially costly when done in early adulthood. Picture this, if you started investing or saving part of your salary as soon as you nailed your first job, wouldn’t you be in a better financial position than you are at the moment?

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