10 Reasons Why You Are Not Being Promoted

2. Unprofessional Conduct

Lack of professionalism at your workplace is another major reason why you might not be getting that promotion. Every office and workplace has its own set of rules and work ethics that all employees are expected to follow. One of the most sensitive topics under professional ethics is ladies’ grooming. It has been the debate by numerous gender right activists.

However, the fact is, when you’re at work, you’re the face of your company. Indecent dressing and untidiness are major red flags for supervisors seeking out potential employees for promotions. Unprofessional conduct also manifests in the form of ill-manners and behaviors such as being rude to customers and colleagues and inappropriate speech and actions while at your workplace. If you suspect that this is the reason why you are not promoted yet, make an effort to learn the rules of your work place and do your best to work on your mistakes.

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