10. Emotional Weakness

This reason means that you are not considered by your superiors emotionally strong enough for a higher position. If you constantly shy away from leadership opportunities or you are never in control of your emotions at work you will reduce your eligibility for promotion. To overcome this, avoid emotional outbursts at the office and work on projecting a confident attitude at the workplace. This gives your bosses confidence that you can handle more responsibility.

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Not getting promoted is quite a bummer, but is an obstacle that you can easily overcome. It is important to conduct yourself professionally, be enthusiastic and do the absolute best that you can at work. You can also get a mentor. One of the surest ways of getting a promotion is by talking to someone who has gotten one themselves. You should take some time and to get to know a colleague in your department who recently got a promotion. Try and pick their brains on how they went about it. Get information on how the process was and what you can do to achieve something similar. Finally, no one gets a promotion for simply doing their job. They get a promotion for going above and beyond their job. Hence, a person should go the extra mile at the workplace. It’s a certain way to get the executive’s attention. This will not just improve your chances of getting promoted, but will give you a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment at work.