You deal with couples around you being extra clingy and sappy everyday of your life. Think about it, it’s always funny to see them being all mushy and sweet today but tomorrow there’s going to be a World War. These kinds of things will just make you thank the universe because you’re single. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why you should be thankful! Here are some to name a few:

1. You don’t have to dress up for dates


Worrying about how you look can be a bit stressful. You have to look good and make sure that your dress, hair, and make-up are on point. You wouldn’t want to spend your time off from work all glammed-up and put together. You have all the week to look fancy, spare the weekend. Lucky you, not having a date means you are exempted from being a barbie doll. You can dress as laid back as you want. In fact, you can even wear pyjamas all day!