It feels good to love and to be loved in return by the person whom you are infatuated with. This is the reason why people normally get into a relationship. If you are in love, you should commit to your partner. Everybody wants a healthy relationship. Remember that the ultimate goal of being in a relationship is to spend the rest of your life with your partner. However, this is not always the case. Your partner can break-up with you due to a lot of reasons. Break-ups can be very frustrating. You might be wondering why your guy broke up with you. Here are some reasons why he broke up with you:

1. You Cheated

Cheating is very detrimental to a relationship. No matter how a man loves a woman, in most cases he will leave her once he finds out that she is having an affair. There are many reasons as to why you cheated on him. One of them could be the fact that he is not good in bed. Other reasons include: not providing for you, not being there emotionally and so on. Remember that cheating on your man is a slap on his ego. An ideal man wants a woman who will boost his ego. However, if you made him feel humiliated by cheating on him, he will give up on you and eventually break up with you.