In a world where “liberty” and “technology” has been a necessity, modern men would put less effort into courting or convincing a girl. But, let us not generalize, because Filipino men have the word “effort” in their vocabulary.

Filipino men are one proof that chivalry isn’t dead at all. From courting to cooking, to family and relationship, you can leave it all to the Filipino men. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 10 reasons why Filipinos are great lovers.

1. Filipino men wouldn’t stop courting you

Most people think that courtship doesn’t work anymore. Well, Filipinos are living it up until now. It has been a tradition for Filipino men to serenade the woman they’re in love with before. But whether serenade isn’t a thing for Filipinos today, courting remains in their blood.

While paninilbihan (service) and harana (serenade) are no longer conventional, a contemporary kind of courtship takes place. It is still usual for a Filipino man to spend time and effort in winning the “yes” of a girl. From sweet messages, simple gifts, to being with you wherever you go, Filipino men are dedicated to pursue the woman they like. Plus, they won’t set your family aside because some would actually try to convince the family more before you.