It doesn’t matter if you’re here out of boredom and just simply wanted to binge watch some Pinoy films with ladies in the lead, or if you’re actually looking to be inspired by Pinay women– we got you!

Everyone needs a little ‘pick-me-up’ from time to time so we hope you have fun getting empowered by these films that feature independent, complex and confident women in different stories, different places, and different life backgrounds. As Queen B once sang, who run the world? GIRLS!


(P.S. We included some movie trailers throughout the list, so you can find out what the movie is basically about if you haven’t heard about it yet. Enjoy!)

1. Himala

That’s right. We’re going with the classics first. For all the millennials out there, there’s a huge chance you haven’t seen this film yet but this will definitely be familiar if you hear its famous line.

Himala is a 1982 Filipino film starring Nora Aunor as Elsa, a girl who allegedly sees the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and can heal the sick through faith healing. Aside from Nora’s impeccable acting, the plot revolves on the journey of a young girl amidst her intense popularity throughout their town.

If you still haven’t seen this classic, it’s about time you do. Complaining that it’s too old of a film? Himala underwent film restorations last 2012!