Many assume that celebrities have always had it easy, because of their undeniable fame and unlimited perks, many fans are easy to conclude that they’ve always had the easy life. However, just like many of us, some celebrities had regular jobs before ending up in the limelight. In fact, some celebrities’ previous occupations may come as a shock. But it serves as a great reminder to us, that celebrities are regular people too who strive their way to success. Here are 10 jobs different celebrities had before the became famous:

1. Marian Rivera, SPED Teacher

It’s no wonder that Marian is such a nurturing mom to daughter Maria Letiza since she was one a special education teacher. Having graduated from De La Salle University Dasmarinas with a degree in psychology, she also worked as a staff at the National Institute of of Mental Health wherein she gave out medicine and exams as well as evaluated patients.