Nowadays, people can get stressed so easily because of all the situations we have no control over like economy, politics and love life. Even just browsing through our social media feed can fuel up our frustration and ruin the rest of our day.

There is a way you can cut off all that bad energy in your life, and look fabulous at the same time! And, it’s cheap.


Our secret: go get bangs!

Cutting off our hair has a mysterious power that can instantly make our mood brighter. Maybe it’s because we look different or maybe because our heads feel a little lighter. But nevertheless, it is an incredibly effective mood changer.

There’s even a trope where brokenhearted women get haircuts, since it signifies change and a fresh start. So instead of cutting off all of our beautiful locks, why not opt to get bangs instead? It’s still gonna give us a fresh perspective in life, and an even fresher look!

Take a look at some of our favorite Pinay actresses who have rocked different looks with bangs.

1. Janella Salvador

Janella is a multi-talented celebrity who has multiple projects for her singing and acting career. We can just imagine how tired she must be, even though she doesn’t show it.

On her recent Instagram posts, she sports a soft side swept bangs that frames her face well. It even goes great with the 80’s look she has on her photo!

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