People ask what could be worse than waking up on a Monday morning and getting ready for another stressful day at school or work, well we can name one: Paasa lines of the GGSS. What’s GGSS you ask? Basically men and women who fall under the category, “Gandang-ganda or gwapong-gwapo sa sarili”. Without generalizing all of them, it’s without fail that there are many GGSS that are complete paasas. You know, the ones who’ll tell you that you’re the one but leaves without a trace a few weeks later. For those na umasa na sa paasa lines ng mga GGSS, here are 10 lines you can probably relate to.

1. “I’ll Always Be Here For You”

Sure, they say that now, but weeks or months later, they’re gone without a trace. Unfortunately, lines like these make us weak in the knees. But not everyone who says it mean it. They’ll be there for you, but maybe only while they need you.