With a vast number of cafes selling milkshakes, getting enough customers and catching their attention is quite tough. Yes, there’s always room for desserts–not to mention the rich and creamy goodness of milkshakes.

So, if you want a milkshakes that will bring all the boys to the yard (sorry, we couldn’t help but reference that), or just want the most mouthwatering milkshake in the metro, check out the 10 we recommend:

1. Diner On 16th’s Original Milkshake

Located at Diner On 16th cafe, this milkshake uniquely made of strawberry cotton candy cone, chocolate, milk and strawberry flavored pretzels, strawberry, chocolate and caramel syrup, mixed with custard biscuit and chocolate covered mallows is named as “Diner On 16th’s Original Milkshake”.

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Price: P190.00
Location: 16 United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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