Liking someone who does not seem interested in you or who does not know that you are interested in him can be very frustrating. This is especially when you like a guy but the guy just seem interested in friendship or does not even notice you in a romantic manner. Traditionally, you would wait until the guy you like gets the hint and ask you on a date. But this might take a while or it might never happen. Therefore it is important to take the initiative and make sure that the particular guy you like knows that you are available. Most likely, you already know the guy and which hints he can take.

Some of the most effective ways you can use to tell a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend are pretty straight forward but sometimes you just need to drop hints. The method you choose depends on you but you also need to take into consideration the guy’s personality. Some guys get intimated whenever a girl approaches them. However, there are guys who are just to shy to pop-out the big question. Here are ten non-verbal ways to tell a guy “ligawan mo naman ako.”


1. Let him know you are not in a relationship


You might have a lot of male friends or acquaintances and the guy that you like thinks that you are in a relationship with one of them. This might ruin the chances of the both of you learning more about each other. Let the guy know that you are single by voicing it out.