We’ve seen numbers of big news this 2017. Many issues and rumors has been revealed. But to be honest, it has always been like that ever since. We always love to go back and just think about the most incredible things that happened in the past year. Especially right now that we are heading towards 2018.

Celebrities and famous politicians are stereotyped as creatures of glamour and nothing more. But still there are some of them who lends a hand and make a difference despite of their fame. Because of that, we wanted to honor 10 of the most remarkable women in 2017 that made the world smile.


1. Kate Middleton

They we’re one of the most talked about families in the world and in 2017, they announced that they will have their third child together. Also a big revelation is Prince Harry’s proposal to his girlfriend Meghan Markle after introducing her to the Queen in October.


Kate’s look today (07.20.17) at the maritime museum. Looking gorgeous as always?

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