7. You haven’t moved on and that’s okay

Who said this is a race of who can do it faster? Is there a price if you can do it easily than others? You don’t have to pressure yourself and think that you should have moved on from now. Despite how long you have been together, either you have labels or not, or how attached you are to one another, every person has a different coping mechanism when it comes to pain.

It doesn’t mean that those who are official are the ones who are given the right to move on longer than those who just lasted for a few months. That’s not the logic behind it. As long as you are making yourself feel better, bit by bit, you can let that person go – in your heart and thoughts. This is not a game, and if you think it is, then good luck on winning. Focus on yourself and take your time, you will forgive and forget, time is all you need.