3. Stop comparing yourself to others

So what if they have a lot of branded clothes and all you have are rundowns and sale items from the thrift store? Believe me, you look better than them because of your confidence. So what if they have the perfect boyfriend who brings them to far places you could only dream about? I bet the love and support your family and closest friends give to you is incomparable to that.

You are you and if you don’t see that as an edge in this chaotic world then you have to work on that. Work on looking at yourself like you’re looking at the young version of a superstar. You will shine too. You are just in the process of molding yourself to be the best version you can be. Comparisons won’t work because you have skills that others don’t have, you have imperfections that make you stand out from the crowd, and you have a heart and a soul that always persevere and never stops striving. See?