2. No matter how broken you are, someone is going to love you

No matter how unworthy and incapable you might think you are of being loved because of your ‘unfixable’ state, you are wrong. Someone will come along and prove that your worries and fears are nothing but a result of your overthinking. You have to keep yourself believing that a person will come along, a person that would accept your broken pieces and will be right beside you on your healing process.

That person won’t fix you. You shouldn’t rely for that person to mend your heart and relieve you from the pain. What that person would do is hold your hand, hugs you every time they see you, cuddles you to sleep, comforts you by serenading, or calms you by calling in the middle of the night. Those gestures that will make you realize that you are worthy and capable to be loved – truly – will be done by that special someone.