Being in love is one of the best feelings anyone in the world could have. You could smile for no apparent reason, hearing his voice, or even just his name could already complete your day. It feels good to feel giddy and excited about someone’s presence. But sometimes, break ups are inevitable and love’s really not enough to sustain what you have.

Admit it or not, if being in love is one of the best feelings, break up is the complete opposite. It’s one of the worst feelings you could ever encounter. It feels like your heart is shattered into million pieces and you have no clue on how to put it back together. But eventually, you will feel like your heart has its own way of mending itself. And by the time you are completely healed, these are the 10 lines you could tell your ex or your friends whenever they ask you the question: “Mahal mo pa ba?”


Masyado akong maganda, para iyakan pa ang katulad niya

C’mon girl! Work it.

You’ve been through a lot when you experienced that devastating break up, so you devoted your time in improving yourself, FOR YOURSELF; and now that you have finally moved on, be proud. Go out and flaunt that beauty. Let the world know that you are better now, and you have no time to cry over your ex.