Rainy season means its hard to wear those crop tops, off-shoulders & high-waist shorts because of the cold weather. The weather doesn’t have to stop you from looking so chic wherever you go!

Jackets have been one of the latest trendy pieces of apparel to enhance your OOTD’s, but some of them can be pricey. Here are the top 10 affordable jackets to keep you looking good this rainy season that you can find online!

1. State Of Mind Over-sized Pinstripe Blazer

Want to rock the office vibe on this rainy day but you don’t wanna seem too formal but more of hip and trendy?

The apparel is designed to be big but it doesn’t neglect the feminine vibe and sophisticated look. It has a v-line neck so its better if you wear a turtle neck or even a low-cut inner clothing. Pair it with high-waisted shorts to keep it casual or black slacks to look classy and semi-retro.

ShopCopper is the genius behind this piece, and it only comes in medium and large. Don’t worry because the price is very affordable for a multipurpose blazer. For only Php 895.00, you can slay the day with the State Of Mind Pversized Pinstripe Blazer.