Everyone has their own bad habits; whether it’s procrastinating, grunting, gossiping, or lack of punctuality – we’re sure to be guilty of something. These habits, however, don’t make us terrible people, in fact, they can be seen as traits that we need to address. All it takes is for one to acknowledge their bad habits and doing something about it; but, not all are able to do so. Some even rub their bad habits onto others and affect professional relationships in the office – which can eventually get you fired.

To help you avoid making these mistakes, here are some habits that can make your manager tell you – Mag-resign ka nalang:


1. Spreading Gossips

Gossip is always present in every office, and we must say that majority of gossips are about the ladies and bosses.

Chatting with co-workers is okay, but it starts to become a concern when chit chats are about unconfirmed topics or sensitive information that affect the peaceful working relationships. No matter how hard you try to keep it within your circle, it will eventually spread like bush fire. So don’t be surprised if your boss asks you to resign when you’re found guilty of spreading rumors.