Let’s face it, ladies. Not all guys out there are that much good when it comes to verbally expressing their emotions. It’s frustrating, really, to keep on guessing what the real score between the two of you is. Men are definite when it comes to the choices they make. Although often subtle, they provide definite signs which shows if they are interested in a woman or not.

Perhaps, if you’re tired of waiting and playing guessing games with the guy even after months of being casually together, it’s time to read and recognize the signs that he’s giving you. Here are 10 hints that might help you in reading what he’s trying to say, if he’s actually into you or not at all.


1. He never initiates the conversation

You know how when a guy is interested in you, he’ll do everything to talk to you. He’ll do the honors of contacting you first through a message—like a simple ‘good morning’ text or chat in Facebook. He craves talking to you, and he’s eager to know what you’re up to, if you’ve had your meals, or if you’ve arrived home safe. Simple thoughts like that always count, you know.

But if he doesn’t do that, and he had never initiated a conversation between the two of you ever, well it’s a sure hint that he’s not really into you.