10 Gorgeous Pinay Celebrities Who Proved Morena Is Pretty

Kathryn Bernardo


Teen Queen, Kathryn Bernardo deserves to have a spot on this list because aside from her gorgeous face, she is also an advocate of loving oneself.

Kathryn is one of the prettiest girls we see in TV. Ever since she entered showbiz, her natural morena skin had been very evident. And all throughout these years, we have seen how she blossomed and turned into a beautiful lady. But despite her pretty face and awesome talents, she often receives bashing. But Kathryn knows better, she loves herself and had embraced her flaws, and most of all her natural sun-kissed skin (which really suits her, by the way). Way to go, Queen Kathryn!

You mad? 🦉

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Take me somewhere far away 🛫

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