Filipinos are home of mixed races, and seeing different types of skin color is inevitable if you are in the country. But amidst all these races, Filipinos are more well-known for our natural tanned skin. Foreigners are in awe of our skin color and loved how our skin looks like the sun gently kissed it. But as years passed, whitening products emerged and easily became a trend making people believe that being fair skinned is the standard of beauty.

Discrimination among people who don’t have fair or white skin became part of the norm. But despite all the discrimination among tanned skin, these 10 Pinay Celebrities proved that skin color doesn’t define beauty.

Venus Raj

Maria Venus Raj or simply known as Venus Raj is a Filipino beauty queen, actress, and TV host. She placed fifth during the Miss Universe pageant in 2010. When she was a kid, people in the province used to call her names such as ‘nognog’ and ‘negra’ because of her skin color.

Despite all the hurtful words thrown at her, she remained strong and used it for her advantage. She learned to love herself more and appreciate her own skin. This made her more confident in facing ‘major major’ events in her life.