Finding the right shade, the right beauty product, and the right style has always been such a hassle. There’s the hassle of finding colors that’ll match your dress or your skin tone. There’s the hassle of not knowing the name of the right beauty product you desperately want to buy.

There’s the hassle of having to go out to the store & then suddenly finding out that it’s out of stock. It goes on and on, but with the advancement of technology, beauty apps have been developed to make our lives easier and our preferred looks doable.


Here are the 10 must-have beauty apps you have to download to achieve your perfect look! And they’re all absolutely free! Now that’s a steal!

1. L’Oreal Makeup Genius

If you need to try on several makeup shades without actually visiting the store and smudging products all over your face, then L’Oreal Makeup Genius should definitely be on your phone.

Using your phone’s camera, L’Oreal Makeup Genius recognizes the characteristics of your face and then lets you virtually apply their numerous products, allowing you to test different beauty looks at the comfort of your home. The app acts like a mirror and follows your movement, letting you check out your look in different angle. It also allows you to scan products you want to try while you’re in a store.