Valentine’s Day can get pretty nerve-racking. It comes with a lot of pressure as both of you have separate expectations and preparations. But the beauty of Valentine’s is being able to go on a “Date Night.” It’s this time of the month where you must transform yourselves into a gorgeous fine lady. Or it’s this time of the month where Valentine’s can be an excuse for nailing a flirty outfit.

Choosing a look can take too much time. Instead of worrying too much, take the time to get some beauty rest for you can just choose these 10 flirty yet simple and elegant outfits that will make the crowd go “wow.”

Casual Shirt + Ripped Jeans + Sneakers

Some women up to this day, prefer being reserve and conservative. If you’re sailing into this boat, a smart-casual outfit can be your go-to outfit. On a nerve-racking date where you worry about the topic, you’ll talk about, the food that you’ll be eating or the things that you can do after dating; comfortable clothes might just help to ease the tension that you’re feeling.

Wear a simple cotton shirt, whether printed or plain paired with ripped jeans and sneakers that will compliment your outfit. Although it’s simple, showing off a sneak-peek of your skin inside the ripped jeans can post a flirty tickle on your man’s naughty mind.

Aside from the fact that it enables you to move comfortably, you’re also stress-free from worrying about the weather for it can tolerate both warm and cold weather.

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Short Dress with Slit + Lace Up Heels

Class, Elegance, and Flirtatious all-in-one. This outfit will surely make you stand-out from all the other girls around. You might think of it as an ordinary dress but it’s this slight revelation that makes it different from other girls wearing a dress.

Plus, another extraordinary shoes will complete your look with the lace-up heels that gives a grip on your foot. Be a Kylie Jenner for a night and don’t let your guy give even a glance to other girls around.

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V-Neck Shirt + Denim Skirt + Ankle Boots

If you think boots are just for the winter season, bring out all your boots from your shoe closet for there are outfits that will change boots as a winter-wear only. If your date needs no elegance, try being chique by wearing V-neck shirt with a touch of vintage fashion trend of denim skirts.

Mini skirts show too much of your skin that can be too sexy but with denim skirts, it’s just all simplicity. Moreover, pairing it with a V-neck shirt would show your long neck and toned collar bone which complete your simple yet flirty look. And for the final touch, let us isolate your look from the usual pairing of skirt and sandals outfit. Yet, try pairing it with ankle boots that can make your height a little higher plus, it’s not so winter-looking for you are wearing a short skirt and plunging neckline shirt that is just too hot for a winter weather.

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Crop Top + Palazzo Pants + Pointy Heels

Simple but sexy look? Style yourself with palazzo pants that can make a little men-like aura out of your look. Touch it with your girly side by pairing it with a sexy crop-top with sleeves that isn’t too showy and bring out an edgy piece with your sharp pointy heels.

Be fashion-minded when you go out because not all women have this kind of skill. So, take the chance to stand-out.

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Patterned Dress + White Sneakers

Something comfy and sexy is possible if you just explore your bounty closet. A soft cotton patterned dress is light on a body and can make your moves heftier. And no shoes can be paired with it except for white sneakers.

A bohemian style outfit can be hard to pull-off especially not at this time of the month. But, you can still nail being a boho-chic without being so bohemian by wearing this kind of outfit. This can be your go-to look especially when your plan is just to go out and stroll.

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Cut Out Bodycon Dress + Stilleto

If your goal is to make your guy mesmerize, achieve the “Is-that-her?” look by having the courage to flaunt a bit of your skin. Men admire women who are just simple but being simple repetitively even on a supposedly special day can be quite boring.

If you’re brave enough to show a bit of your skin, wear a cut-out bodycon dress that will show the curves and shape of your body. To make it sexier, wear a chic strappy stiletto that will make you look taller and elegant, just enough to make them say ‘wow.’

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Off-shoulder + Flare Jeans + Sandals

This may be a Billie-jean type of jeans because this look has been a trend over the 90’s period. But even if this is old, this can look bold when you give it a touch of the modern clothes.

By pairing it with the trendy off-shoulders, you’re about to face quite a several eyes that will stare at your collarbones and sexy shoulders. And since flare jeans are long, you might wanna choose shoes that will make you tall. With this outfit, your legs will look longer and your body will look slimmer.

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Sleeveless Ruffle Crop Top + Long Pencil Skirt + Platform Shoes

If your bum is a bomb then be proud of it. Before moving on to the extreme part of your night, your outfit can set a good starter. Tease your guy by showing off the shape of your bun with a sexy tight pencil skirt.

For the top, long sleeves shirt can it look more of a corporate outfit so try matching it with the trendy sleeveless ruffle crop top that with make your look more feisty. And since the pencil skirt makes your move very limited, platform shoes can save it without you having a hard time balancing your chummy walk.

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Halter Top + Jeans + Slip-On Shoes

Date’s can be planned but the worst thing is when you received a message from your boyfriend inviting you for a lunch date. Picking easy slip-on clothes and shoes may be an option that will make you prepare quicker and a lot more time for your beauty preparation.

A halter top and jeans is an easy mix n’ match clothes. Whether you prefer plain halter and patterned pants or patterned or printed halter and plain denim pants, it can surely matched-up. And there’s no hassle tying your shoes, thank God for the slip-on shoes.

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High-Waist Midi Skirt + Busty Top + Low Heels

Seeing you as a woman, and as girly is something that a guy looks forward especially while waiting for you to arrive at your meeting place. While he’s puzzled about where he’ll take you, surprise him with a look that will make him bring you to a special place.

With a flowy midi skirt, you will look graceful and very fine lady as you flaunt this look. Pairing it with a busty top that will show the shape of your bust and neckline; your guy will surely be mesmerized. And to be able to nail a victoria fashion show walk, don’t be hard on yourself and wear something that is bearable. Low-Heels shoes would be enough to nail the outfit.

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