Vern Enciso

Vern Enciso stands as the elder sister of Verniece Enciso where both sisters are into fashion, travel, beauty, and lifestyle blogging. She originally started blogging for a shoe tale then decided to merge blogs with her sister afterward.

Despite merging blogs, she remains unique in her own sense of style. With her around-the-world journey Instagram feed, you’ll leave her profile with a major wanderlust feel.

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3/3: it was finally time to jump and I’ve always been the type of person to close my eyes when Im about to do something scary. It was closed the whole time my partner was dragging my body out the door but when he started to count 3…2… 1, I opened my eyes and we were free falling for a good minute. It was a feeling I’ve never ever felt. Nothing comes close to it. The mix of adrenaline, feeling of being invincible and happiness was just so overwhelming for me that I screamed the whole 60 seconds. Still can’t believe I’ve finally done the thing that scares me the most! Right now, Im confident to say, that I can do anything from this point in my life. ? God was so cute too because he added a rainbow so our photos would look this good! ❤️? I did it!!!!!

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