The Philippines has made back-to-back top spots in international beauty pageants the past years. Many believe the the winning streak started from Miss-Universe Philippines and Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up, Venus Raj. Since then, Miss Universe-Philippines contestants haven’t left the runner-up line. While other beauty queens such as Megan Young have taken home the crown as well.

But aside from the pressure that these ladies endure to be their utter best, one of the most anticipated portions of any beauty pageant is the evening wear. Not only do they have to look stunning, the gowns have to accentuate their figure well. As an ode to the beauties that have made Philippines proud, let’s look back on the evening gowns of the past Miss Universe-Philippines contestants.

1. Anna Theresa Licaros (2007)

Although Anna Therese Licaros didn’t take home the crown, she did manage to snag the Miss Photogenic title. She donned the event in a red lace straight cut gown with chiffon drapes on the side. She matched her formal wear with red heels and dangling earrings.