Going on a trip with your family, special someone or friends is most of the time, the happiest moment of your life. You get to spend quality time with them and think over the things that will strengthen your bond. But sometimes, it is not bad to go on a trip alone. Being alone enables you to contemplate your life, to relieve stress from pressure and most importantly, to do the things you want to do on your own. Because of that, we listed top destinations for girls who need to reflect and have some solo time:

1. Silanguin Cove


This is why we do it, this is from above ??

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Silanguin Cove is located at San Antonio, Zambales and said to be the least populated and newly discovered beach in Zambales. Its sand is not white or off-white but a pure light gray. The calm seas is the perfect backdrop for a muni-muni moment. You can go there via a boat ride from Pundaquit or Subic.