Tired of waiting for a taxi to pass by while you are in a hurry? Grab offers us an easy way to arrive to our destination by using their software application to book a ride.

Along the journey of Grab in the Philippines, Grab passengers have been consistently encountering cute & handsome Grab drivers and they “share the blessings” on social media.


To show some, here are 10 cute Grab drivers that will probably have you book a ride countless times.

1. The Chinito Cutie

Let us tell Kim Chiu that we might have found her Mr. Right!

Twitter user DupayaRhea shared the screenshot of her Grab history ride with a driver named Chua Wen Xuan and said, ” Ung cute ng grab car driver mo tpos mas hot pa sa personal.” She shared that the driver was hotter compared to his cuteness in the Grab driver’s identity photo.