Now that Korea’s been invading the world with its pop hits, its dramas might be considered as one of the most dangerous addictions a person can have.

Watching Korean dramas or K-dramas isn’t initially alarming. But as time goes by, a normal series marathon gets out of hand and you become addicted to everything that has to do with K-dramas.


Although we doubt there will ever be a cure to complete “fangirlism”, here are ten confessions of a K-drama addict:

1. The “last episode na lang” syndrome

When you get hooked on a K-drama so much that you can’t keep your eyes off it, you’ll eventually develop the “last episoode nalang” syndrome. Because of the cliffhanger endings, it’s not doubt that you’ll hop onto the next episode just to know what will happen to the story. Unfortunately, every episode has a cliff-hanger so say goodbye to sleep for the next few weeks.