10 Celebrity Prenup Pegs You Can Choose From

JC Intal & Bianca Gonzales

Photographer: Pat Dy

The best trio of a lazy day are the elements of the laid-back prenup shoot of TV host Bianca and basketball player JC – pizza, a bed and a couch! They are the epitome of a chill and selfless couple. Aside from being saved from a lot of preparations and money needed, what best way to capture a couple’s intimacy but in a minimalist way, right?

Wearing comfortable clothes in the comfort of their apartment, they look so simple and cozy with each other. True love doesn’t need anything much but the company of the person you want the spend the rest of your life with!

The photos will make you want to snuggle to your sweetheart at home or if you’re single, tightly hug that bear or pillow of yours. HAHA! But this shoot shows nothing but authentic fondness with each other. Captured in the most natural way!

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