10 Celebrity Prenup Pegs You Can Choose From

Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera

Photographers: Mark Nicdao, Ronnie Salvacion, Nice Print Photography

DongYan’s wedding is dubbed as the Wedding of the Century and the country’s own version of Royal Wedding. With the extravagance and popularity of the power couple, everyone sought-after for this fairy tale-like love story they have. With the blessing of Baby Zia in their life, they continue to be one of the #RelationshipGoals of today!

Taken at Dubai, under the scorching heat of the sun and vastness of the desert, this couple haven’t failed to project their sophistication and style. They look radiant and satisfied with one another – as well as the effort and hard work the whole team have pulled off to make this wonderful shoot possible.

Their laughter and smiles, kisses and glances, proof of unconditional love and affection with each other could be seen through the various shots done. Truly, they are one of the most captivating and charming amongst all the couples in the industry.

CREDIT: Metrophoto, Nice Print Photography, Mark Nicdao, Sweet Escape, MangoRed, Nelwin Uy, Pat Dy

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