What’s worse than seeing your crush with another girl? It’s seeing couples enjoying their sweet moments together while you sulk around the corner thinking of all the bitter thoughts. While walking on the street, inside the university campus, while riding the jeepney, inside the mall or in the park, wherever we go it is now common to see couples displaying public display of affection, from hugging, linking arms or even kissing (seriously). And with all the bitterness in the world, sometimes we just can’t help but be the killjoy of their love. Either because of jealousy or just mere bitterness, there’s a bunch of bitter thoughts we usually think about when we see couples doing PDA and so we’ve listed 10 of them.

1. “Walang Forever”

Who would forget two of the most bitter words we can find in the love dictionary? These words often depict the bitterness we feel whenever we see couples cuddling and being sweet with each other. Ever had that urge to shout and say “Walang Forever”? Especially if you are just recovering from a broken heart. But of course, we kind of keep it to ourselves since we don’t want to be called out as a bitter person in public.