All of us have wished to become like our favorite female celebrities even just for once—that’s for sure. Maybe it’s because of their unblemished skin or princess-like faces that prompts us the question, “How to be you po?”

But hey, stop daydreaming ‘cause here are the 10 beauty secrets of your favorite Pinay celebs that will surely let you in their flawless skincare and beauty routines!


Liza Soberano: A Maybelline Baby

Liza is considered one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, in fact she’s so attractive that even international award-bodies and celebrities are eyeing this It-girl. Believe it or not, Liza prefers using drugstore makeup for her everyday use instead of high-end luxury makeup,

As a proof, she even posts her own photos and videos on her Instagram account while applying Maybelline cosmetics on her face. Although Liza is Maybelline’s endorser, she explains that she has loved the brand every since and has been an avid user.

Yet for sure, everyone still remembers the time when Liza answered the question “How to be you?” during an interview. Because what makes her even more beautiful inside and out is her personality, wherein she said, “All I have to say to them is they don’t have to be like me. They have to be their own person and just be confident with who they are.”