Hacks are the answers to an easier life when it comes to beauty, makeup and hair styling routines. The internet is filled with beauty junkies that share their personal experiences in making the typical makeup process much easier and efficient! Some of the may sound outrageous but it actually works, so for those who are sick of buying expensive translucent powder to bake or have the hardest time to achieve the perfect wing liner, this article is for you.

1. Hiding The Bald Spot

If you’re a victim of receding hairline or random bald spots, there’s a temporary solution to fix the dilemma. Try grabbing your eyeshadow palette and try to cross match the closest eyeshadow color to the color of your roots. Grab a blush or stippling brush and dab it on your eyeshadow. Pat (Don’t sweep) the eyeshadow on your bald spot to create a natural illusion of thick hair!

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