At the mention of the ‘first day’ at work, it is almost too terrifying to think that it brings a mixture of emotions and shivers up your spine. There are a lot of expectations to meet, reputation to establish, and image to keep. Because you know what they say, “first impression lasts.” It might keep you up and awake for a whole night, but worry not!

Listen, this is what we’re here for. We’ll equip you with tips that will help you rock your first day at work. So, set your worries aside and get ready to take down notes!

1. Get physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for the first day

As the first day at your job starts lurking around the corner, it is your responsibility to prepare yourself not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. This is the most important point in this list, and you’ve got to believe us, because if you don’t come prepared for the first day of your new job, it would be like going to a war without a weapon.

As early as five days before the big day, be sure to have your office attire prepared. Be sure to dress accordingly to the dress code of the office. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a new pair of heels, or a new tie for the big day. As for the mental and emotional preparation, a day off from the toxic atmosphere of the city would be best as a preparation for the first of day at your new job. Clear your mind of all the negative, and instead, have tons of things that will motivate you on nailing that position you finally landed on.