Social media is a domain of free speech, and while free speech is generally supposed to be a haven for those who have important and meaningful content to share, it can also sometimes lead to shallow reads and bragging posts. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing your online pool of friends how you treat yourself with your hard-earned money, it can’t be denied that there are those who simply want to brag, just because. Whether their bragging rights made us laugh or downright annoyed, here are 10 ‘pasimple yabang posts’ or low-key bragging posts you’ve definitely seen online:

1. The Rich Kid That Made A Public Announcement About How Rich He Is. Let’s cut to the chase, posting “Omg I have to take an Uber to work because my car broke down—feeling annoyed”, is probably a problem you’d rather endure than having to walk to the next station because the LRT broke down.. again.